Many dentists advertise about smiles but I was still unprepared for all the bright smiles that welcomed me the first time I walked into Dr. David Soder’s office.  The friendly staff  helped ease the tension I felt because I needed a dental implant and had very little knowledge about what to expect.  Dr. Soder relieved my anxiety as he explained in detail how my procedure would be completed.  I immediately gained confidence that I had chosen the right doctor.

As he completed each step of the process, Dr. Soder made certain I understood what had been done and what I needed to do until my next appointment.  I developed a trust that he wanted the best for me, too.   His “chair-side” manner was excellent and his attitude and expertise was encouraging.

I have not met anyone who relishes having extensive dental work done but I can tell anyone that from my experience I can heartily recommend this fine doctor, Dr. David Soder.

Sandy J.   Sept 20, 2014

In the later part of 2012, my dentist recommend that I have one of my front teeth removed and replaced with an implant. He scheduled this procedure with Dr. Soder.  Dr. Soder calmed my anxiety about the extraction and the entire procedure. I was not looking forward to the extraction, but his work was amazing.  He took a full 30 minutes to carefully remove my tooth without disturbing my gum tissue.  Dr. Soder calmly and meticulously accomplished every procedure.  He allowed plenty of time for each appointment so I never felt that Dr. Soder or his staff was ever rushed.  When the bone had firmly attached to the implant and my tooth was attached, it looked perfectly natural.  I give Dr. Soder and his office a five star rating! Thank you for your excellent work.

John L.

I was met with a smile, received excellent care and am so pleased with my dental implant. Dr. David Soder and his efficient staff provided me with exceptional service.  


If you are looking for one of the best periodontics surgeons for dental implants around the Douglas County area, you should definitely give Dr. Soder a call for consultation.  You’ll find that he’s a very gentle man with a kind heart.   He’ll explain everything to you and make you feel as if you never lost your original tooth.  Even with complicated cases like mine, Dr. Soder made sure I was OK, calling me personally on the weekend  just to check in. That’s professionalism.  You feel you are in the hands of an excellent dental team.

Ron S.

I am writing this whole hearted letter of recommendation for Dr. David Soder,  dentist extraordinaire!  He did a first class job on a difficult front tooth implant for me in October 2012. It looks like a super glam smile done in a big city, but it was done right here in my hometown of Roseburg! Painless, on time, and without a hitch. I fully recommend this wonderful dentist!

Grateful to Dr. Soder and his staff for my smile!

Susan H., RN

Any new patient doctor relationship is usually accompanied with a mild level of anxiety.  I felt very little. I was cordially greeted and treated by reception staff and I was totally comfortable in the dental chair under the knowledgeable and skillful hands of Dr. Soder and his dental staff.  Thank you, for making my day at your dental office a pleasant and beneficial experience.

J. G.

My name is Debbie H and I’ve been going to Dr. Soder’s office for my periodontic work for almost 5 years.  Dr. Soder and his staff at this office are always professional, kind, caring, and respectful.  Going to the dentist is not a lot of fun for most people, but they work hard at Dr. Soder’s office to make it as pleasant an experience as possible.  I think the way the staff treated me as an individual, looked for and provided whatever they could do to make sure the experience was the most comfortable, has the most positive impact on my opinion of Dr. Soder.

Dr. Soder and his staff truly care about what they do and give the best treatment and service to all of their patients.

If anyone has the need for periodontal work, I highly recommend this office for you periodontal needs.

Debbie H.