Dr. Joshi is the periodontist that I went to at UMDS.  My case was very difficult and he did an excellent job. I had 8 very complicated implants and crowns I had many dentist over 9 years and he was the one who got all my restorative dental work done. He was efficient, and kind and keep me informed about my care.

SL D Kauf:

Dr Joshi advanced my case to its final stage.  He performed a sinus lift ( not the quick one, the complicated procedure from the side). Then he placed an implant at that site and now I am using that molar.

I am also currently eating corn on the cob with upper and lower front teeth which Dr Joshi commissioned .  He knows how to instruct the lab to fashion porcelain restorations. He knows all the intricate tricks for making good impressions for the lab to follow.

Dr. Joshi can make chairside temporaries so that you never walk out without teeth.  And his chairside manner is calm and friendly with just the appropriate music. He knows all the periodontal disciplines so that a case is medically sound and ready for restoration. I was fortunate to have his help, and believe that others would as well.

John Dryden:

Dr. Joshi is a periodontist who took and takes excellent care of my mouth’s health, as well as continuing to earn my trust, by keeping me informed of processes even when I am or was in the “twilight zone” during surgeries. This included telling me when something he is or was doing is going to hurt during surgery.  I have acute PTSD.  It is not easy for me to allow for the intimate contact that dentistry involves.  Once he was aware of the PTSD, and my need to have questions answered completely, Dr. Joshi always did so (and continues to do so) with gentle grace and humor.  He also has and does include me in choices for realistic options for treatments.  I would definitely heartily recommend his services.

Many dentists advertise about smiles but I was still unprepared for all the bright smiles that welcomed me the first time I walked into Dr. David Soder’s office.  The friendly staff  helped ease the tension I felt because I needed a dental implant and had very little knowledge about what to expect.  Dr. Soder relieved my anxiety as he explained in detail how my procedure would be completed.  I immediately gained confidence that I had chosen the right doctor.

As he completed each step of the process, Dr. Soder made certain I understood what had been done and what I needed to do until my next appointment.  I developed a trust that he wanted the best for me, too.   His “chair-side” manner was excellent and his attitude and expertise was encouraging.

I have not met anyone who relishes having extensive dental work done but I can tell anyone that from my experience I can heartily recommend this fine doctor, Dr. David Soder.

Sandy J.  

I was met with a smile, received excellent care and am so pleased with my dental implant. Dr. David Soder and his efficient staff provided me with exceptional service.  


If you are looking for one of the best periodontics surgeons for dental implants around the Douglas County area, you should definitely give Dr. Soder a call for consultation.  You’ll find that he’s a very gentle man with a kind heart.   He’ll explain everything to you and make you feel as if you never lost your original tooth.  Even with complicated cases like mine, Dr. Soder made sure I was OK, calling me personally on the weekend  just to check in. That’s professionalism.  You feel you are in the hands of an excellent dental team.

Ron S.

Any new patient doctor relationship is usually accompanied with a mild level of anxiety.  I felt very little. I was cordially greeted and treated by reception staff and I was totally comfortable in the dental chair under the knowledgeable and skillful hands of Dr. Soder and his dental staff.  Thank you, for making my day at your dental office a pleasant and beneficial experience.

J. G.

My name is Debbie H and I’ve been going to Dr. Soder’s office for my periodontic work for almost 5 years.  Dr. Soder and his staff at this office are always professional, kind, caring, and respectful.  Going to the dentist is not a lot of fun for most people, but they work hard at Dr. Soder’s office to make it as pleasant an experience as possible.  I think the way the staff treated me as an individual, looked for and provided whatever they could do to make sure the experience was the most comfortable, has the most positive impact on my opinion of Dr. Soder.

Dr. Soder and his staff truly care about what they do and give the best treatment and service to all of their patients.

If anyone has the need for periodontal work, I highly recommend this office for you periodontal needs.

Debbie H.